Missouri Tax Sale Seminar, LLC

Est. 2021

7:30am - 3pm, Fri June 17, 2022,
Columbia MO (& via Zoom)

We will begin planning for June 2023 (MTSS 2) in Fall 2022. Stay tuned.

A one-day seminar on Missouri real property tax sale law. MO CLE credit approved, 6.2 hours, including an ethics hour.

Open to all collectors, collector staff, code enforcers, homeowners, lien holders, investors, title insurers, attorneys, bankruptcy practitioners, judges, legislators, elected officials & other stakeholders. Learn about Missouri tax sales including Chapter 140, Chapter 141, Chapter 92, recent case law developments, applications for collector's deeds, collector review & analysis, title insurance, quiet title litigation, & more.

Together we can make the process more transparent, efficient, effective, & better for all. Education & collaboration provide the path forward.


MTSS 1 (2022)


MEET & GREET: introduction by Scott Walterbach


LYDIA MCEVOY: post-third sales (technical requirements, policy considerations, due diligence, notices, comparison to other states, land banks, etc.)


PHIL GEBHARDT: Missouri Bond Co. & Eclipse cases, & case law development in Chapter 140


DALE SWEET: Chapter 92 legislative bills, St. Louis County & Chapter 141, reactions to pending/prospective legislative changes


MICHELLE MCBRIDE: the collector’s perspective on deed application review process & collector discretion




SCOTT WALTERBACH: ethical considerations for tax sale attorneys


PANEL Q&A: panel discussion with all speakers, open format. Opening by Brenda Flatter of Logs Legal Network, & Brian Seidensticker of Tax Sale Resources.


Gather. Network. Share ideas. Improve the process.


Lydia McEvoy

Former Clay Co. Collector, Attorney

Phil Gebhardt


Dale Sweet


Michelle McBride

St. Charles Co. Collector

Lydia McEvoy

Lydia is an attorney, and the Director of Operations for CivicSource, the leading auctioneer in the tax lien and tax sale spaces, providing digitized due diligence compliance and clear title in transfers of tax-distressed real estate. Lydia was introduced to CivicSource during the ten years she served as the elected Collector of Revenue for Clay County, Missouri. One of her duties was to conduct the complex annual tax sale, auctioning hundreds of tax liens on properties located in the Kansas City suburbs. Her tenure as an elected official included active membership in the local chambers of commerce, and participation in local economic development efforts. She also worked on legislative reform and litigation affecting the process of collecting and enforcing tax liabilities.

During law school, Lydia was a published member of the Law Review, and a decorated moot court champion. She practiced law in the private sector for several years before seeking public office. During that time, Lydia worked with the special labor counsel team for the state of New Jersey, held a real estate broker’s license, and worked with the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City to help attract and grow businesses in blighted portions of the city. She has presented continuing legal education to the Clay County bar association on matters affecting the annual tax sale, has previously presented for NTLA, and holds the Certified Tax Lien Professional™ certification. Lydia also teaches Business Law and Real Estate Law on the undergraduate level.

Lydia is an active member of a non-denominational church where she sings on the worship team and paints religious art. She has been married since 1999, and has a son and two daughters. She loves to play the piano and ride her motorcycle—but not at the same time. Lydia’s mission in life is to ensure a level playing field for all participants in the tax billing, payment, and enforcement world—from the individual taxpayer to the investor, and from the public official to the school districts that are funded with tax dollars.

Phil Gebhardt

Phillip Kent Gebhardt has been licensed as a Missouri attorney for more than 40 years, most of that time spent as a solo practitioner concentrating on the practice of real property law, with stints of employment as a title insurance agent/examiner/in-house attorney, as a Missouri Assistant Attorney General, as a staff attorney in the Missouri State Auditor’s Office, and as a law clerk for a Missouri Supreme Court Judge. Formerly licensed as a commercial real estate appraiser and as a Missouri title insurance producer and licensed as a real estate broker by the Missouri Real Estate Commission.

Dale Sweet

Attorney Dale Sweet lives and works in the City of St. Louis. He represents litigants in tax sale matters in the City and in surrounding Missouri counties. Dale is also a serial residential rehabber and is particularly interested in the relationships between tax-delinquent properties, vacancy, and blight.

Michelle McBride

Michelle D. McBride was elected St. Charles County Collector of Revenue in November 2006 and took office March 1, 2007. McBride’s educational background includes a Bachelors of Science in Accountancy with a Minor in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Administration with a Management Focus. She is active with the Missouri County Collectors’ Association – served as its President from 2016 thru 2017 and with the National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers, and Finance Officers – served as its President from 2019 thru 2021 and is currently serving as Immediate Past President.

The Venue 2022

Diversified Management Company

404 Tiger Lane, Columbia MO 65203

Registration Disabled.

Questions? Email scott@mtss.llc or call [816] 601-1100 & ask for Felicia. Thanks!

Special Thanks

With gratitude, life transcends mere existence.

I am eternally grateful for my beautiful wife Katie & our 4 kids. Without their love & support, what I have been able to accomplish thus far would not have been possible. You teach me, you love me, & you give me hope. Family first. I love you guys!

Special thanks to my law partner Matt Bessine. His support & guidance are invaluable both in this endeavor & in our practice generally.

And to Felicia & the rest of the BW staff that props me up daily - you are the engine. You are what makes this thing go. Without you, little if anything gets done. All of you have been a huge blessing in my life. Thank you for showing up, day after day, to put in the work & do the right thing. You are seen, admired & cherished. Thank you.

Thank you to our speakers! They volunteered their time, talent, expertise & immense experience in the name of education & collaboration. Without your selfless contributions, MTSS doesn't exist. Thank you for doing great work & sharing with us. And of course, thank you to our attendees for taking a bit of a leap of faith on this first attempt. I think it provided all attendees with something of real value in an area of the law starved for education & collaboration.

To Billy Richards, the tax sale attorney in Indiana that I met last fall, big thanks to you for taking the time to talk to me about my vision, for sharing openly about your challenges & successes, & for giving me advice along the way. As you've extended these courtesies to me, I hope to pay it forward likewise.

And last but not least, thanks to my artistically gifted & hard-working cousin Dan O'Donoghue for developing MTSS' branding artwork. If you need a logo or other artwork, I know the very best talent in the business!

Scott Walterbach


Missouri Tax Sale Seminar, LLC

I'm an attorney in Kansas City & I've been helping tax sale investors since before I passed the Missouri Bar in 2007. Back then there was a short (& helpful) chapter in the MO Bar Deskbook Series on tax sale law, but not much else. I recognized this area was developing right alongside my own development as a young attorney. I was right in the thick of it. It was fun & exciting. I guess that's how you know you found your niche.

I've handled hundreds of tax sale cases, including arguing such cases in the Western District Court of Appeals, Eastern District Court of Appeals, and in the Missouri Supreme Court. In Fall 2019 I wrote a 75-page industry whitepaper about Missouri tax sales, culling almost all of my tax sale research into one document. (That paper is now 88 pages; if you have trouble sleeping, I may have the solution.) So what next?

I attended the National Tax Lien Association Conference in Nashville, Fall 2021. Having served as president of numerous trade associations, my first inclination was to start a trade group on Missouri tax sales. Colleagues from Missouri & across the country, namely Arizona, Maryland, Mississippi & Tennessee, discussed the idea with me. And then they pointed me in the direction of Billy Richards from Indiana, who's been hosting a top-notch annual seminar in Indiana for many years. What Billy has developed in Indiana is truly impressive (search "Indiana Tax Sale Seminar" & you can see the robust type of seminar he puts on). I quickly shifted gears & decided it was time to bring this concept to our state. Billy has been a willing consultant & supporter of my efforts in Missouri.

For MTSS 1 (2022), I was hoping to get ten people in a room & talk about tax sales. We had about SIX TIMES that number register & attend. So, we had some technology hiccups, as one might expect. This was my first attempt at doing a hybrid CLE & the numbers just presented certain administrative challenges with Zoom, with audio & video, etc. But when you dare greatly, as we have, you learn. We gathered, networked, exchanged ideas, shared differing perspectives, and learned about recent developments in the Show Me State. We have room for improvement, which is great. But what a start! I'm confident public policy in this area will benefit from our collective endeavor.

Based on the feedback I've received, MTSS 1 is exactly that: just the first. More to come soon.

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Scott Walterbach

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